Cool weather draws tourists to Loei province

With the temperature plunging to around 8-11 degrees Celcius early morning (Dec 9, 2020), a large number of tourists have taken a trip up Phu Hinsao Peak in Dansai District of the northern Thai province of Loei to enjoy the cool weather and beautiful scenery.

Opened for about two years, the new landmark has drawn a large number of tourists from around the country.

The temperatures measured at 9 locations this morning are : 12.8C in Muang District, 13.6C in Wang Sapung District, 14C in Dan Sai District, 13C in Chiang Khan District, 10.5C in Phu Kradueng, 10C in Phu Rua, 7C in Phu Kradueng National Park, 9C in Phurua National Park, and 8C in Phu Luang Wild Animal Protection Area.

Tourists can take a trip up the peak by a local car, which is named “E-taen.”