Couple brings young child along on stealing spree

MAKING the rounds on Thai social media are photos and a video clip of a couple who brought their young child along with them on their stealing spree, Thai News Agency reported today (Jan. 10).

The couple stole an electric saw from a computer repair shop in adjacent Nonthaburi province on Monday Jan. 8.

Mr Thawich Buthalaem, 42, whose Facebook name is Peter Kridtapata, said he shared the photos and video clip because it had made him sad to see that this young child has already been exposed to criminal activity.

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Thawich said he left the shop to go pick up his child from a nearby school and had put the electric saw under the table before doing so.

Upon his return he immediately noticed that it was missing, so asked his family but no one knew anything about it.

He then checked his security camera clips and saw the couple in action. After stopping at his shop, the woman riding pillion climbed down and picked up the saw and hopped back on and they zipped away.

A more detailed perusal also showed that the thieves had driven pass his shop several times.

Although the loss is not a big one, Thawich said he felt sad for the child and therefore shared what happened on social media.


Top and in-text: The couple and their young child driving around and then stealing the electric saw. Photo: Thai News Agency

Below: The shop owner Thawich. Photo: Thai News Agency

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