Couple discover 18 snakes under their bed.

A couple heard strange noises from under their bed and decided to lift up the bed. Underneath they found almost 20 snakes, the mother and her snakelets. The incident took place in Georgia, USA. Trish and Max Wilcher from Augusta city were about to go to bed when they noticed strange noises coming from under their bed. What they discovered was unexpected and almost impossible to imagine. Trish revealed she noticed weird fuzz on the floor and when she was about to pick it up the fuzz moved. Then she noticed another piece of fuzz and it moved too! She realized they were more than a piece of cloth and in fact snakes. 


Credit: Khaosod


Trish went to tell her husband they had snakes in the home. Many people would have decided to kill the snakes but instead Max decided there was a nicer solution and he handpicked them one by one into a fabric bag. The husband then took the bag and went to a nearby creek to release them. This all took place around midnight, the sleepiest time became one of their most exciting moments to remember. After discovering a snake, the couple decided to lift up their bed and underneath was a mother snake and her 17 snakelets. Max prepared the bag and some equipment and slowly placed them inside the bag carefully. 


Credit: Khaosod


There are a few reasons that may make snakes come into your home. This includes mice problems that are left unsolved. As snakes like other animals are simply looking to survive, they follow what they like to eat. Small birds, frogs, and other small animals can also invite in snakes. Lead piles in your yard can lure in snakes as it is a good hiding space. Also make sure there are no gaps in your home, snakes can get inside with even the tiniest holes. After they get inside, snakes will look for dark and cool areas to hide in. In this case, the mother snake found the bed and made a home underneath. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Trish thought it was a piece of fuzz, but underneath their bed were 18 snakes. 


Source: News4jax, Khaosod