5 times in 3 days, man follows women on the road.

A strange man has been following women on the road. One of the victims came out to the public to share her story. The man followed women 5 times throughout a period of 3 days. He would ask them to engage in sexual activities or touch the women. Victims are asking police to find and bring in the man in fear that he will successfully complete his mission. Ampa Mirtitan 54 year old from Khon Kaen Province is one of the victims. Ampa was followed by the man on a motorbike and was approached sexually by the man, luckily she managed to drive away and escape. Ampa shared her story to the Khaosod News Team. 



The victim stated she was driving her motorbike back from the market. A man who was also driving a motorbike shouted to her while on the road asking if she was tired. Ampa turned and saw the man who was about 20-25 years old, about 160 centimeters tall and wearing a mask. She thought it was one of her son’s friends so she smiled back. The man drove to her right and asked if she wanted to join him if she wasn’t tired. Ampa was shocked and quickly drove away. A villager drove by and she yelled to the other driver pretending to know each other in hopes to scare the man away. She told the village chief what happened and went to file a report at the Pon Police Station. 



Other women in the province have also revealed similar incidents happening to them. The man even went as far as touching and exposing himself to some of the victims while still on the road. Ampa is afraid the man will sexually assault another woman. She also hopes the roads were brighter with security cameras to protect against future attacks. Khon Kaen Police reveal during the past 3 days there have been 5 similar incidents. So far the man has not raped anyone but officials are investigating to find him before that happens. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption:  The man would follow women on his motorbike and invite them to join. 


Source: Khaosod