Customer finds glass in food, restaurant gives 60 THB discount.

A customer found glass in her food that ended up cutting inside her mouth, fortunately, she found the glass before swallowing or the injury would have been much worse. The customer posted on her Facebook account sharing the story on finding broken glass in her food. The customer captioned her post “Jackpot, found glass that made my mouth bleed, the owner gave me a 60 THB discount”. Sanook News interviewed Thitima 27 years on 17 September 2020 old from Ayutthaya Province on what happened and how the owner attempted to solve the issue. 


Thitima stated that about 21.00 on the 16th together with her boyfriend they went to a local restaurant. The couple ordered 3 dishes, crunchy pork and vegetables, fried chicken, and pork soup. The boyfriend also ordered a dish of rice. On her second bite, Thitima felt something hard in her mouth and realized that it had cut the inside of her mouth, leaving behind pain and the taste of blood. The customer opened her mouth and wiped the blood with a tissue. There was a broken piece of glass inside the food. Luckily Thitima noticed the hard object before swallowing or the injuries could’ve been much worse. 


The couple decided to get the bill as they had lost all appetite. A woman came with a bill of 260 THB for the food. Thitima informed the woman that there was broken glass in the food and she had been cut from chewing the glass. The woman asked if she was ok before offering to take 60 THB off the bill as compensation. The woman stated that one of the employees probably washed the vegetables together with glass cups that would explain how there was broken glass in the food. The woman stated she would report what happened with the owner before walking away. Thitima reveals she doesn’t expect the restaurant to take any responsibility and decided to share the story as a warning to other customers. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: A woman came out with the bill, when she heard there was glass inside the food and the customer had been cut, 60 THB was taken off the bill.  


Source: Sanook