Dine and Dash after 9 hours at the restaurant.

A man dined and dashed at a restaurant after sitting inside for 9 hours ordering food and drinks non-stop. The man escaped on a car without the restaurant employees noticing and never returned. The incident took place in Saraphi District, Chiang Mai Province on 20 February 2021. The man was described as well dressed and no one suspected he was a dine and dash case. There were security cameras inside the Steak restaurant that captured the man sitting in his seat for 9 hours straight. A Facebook user shared footage of the incident online.


Credit: khaosod


The video showed a man about 30-40 years old entering the restaurant. He then ordered food and drinks continuously. He entered the business at 11.00 and left at 19.52 before walking out with no intention of return. The dash and dine case stood up and made it seem like he was going to the bathroom. He then walked out to the parking lot, entered a car and drove away. The Facebook user wanted to share the incident as a warning to restaurants and other business owners. The post stated on 9 March 2021 “Dine and Dash, don’t do this. One of the things I noticed is he came alone. Someone dropped him off in front of the restaurant.



The restaurant asks all customers to write their name and number as a safety measure during Covid-19. We called him right away, but no one answered. We have filed a report with the police. I hope this incident helps warn other business owners to beware. This is terrible and those who personally know the man please inform him to contact the restaurant. This is the Lung Chang Steak Restaurant in Chiang Mai”. The Facebook user also revealed the man was dropped off and picked up by the friend. It is unknown whether the friend knew what this man had just done.


Credit: khaosod


FB Caption: The man sat inside the restaurant for 9-hours before jumping in a white car and never returned.


Source: Khaosod