8-year-old pushed off school building in Chonburi.

An 8-year-old was pushed off the school building by another student and ended up with a skull fracture. The principal of the school wanted 20,000 THB to end the problems. Pavena Hongsakul from the Pavena Hongsakul Foundation for Children and Women in Pathum Thani Province invited Nisit Nuenpuemsit from the Ministry of Education to join in a meeting. She hopes that the meeting will help find a solution for an 8-year-old boy who fell from the 2nd floor of a school building in Chonburi Province. Vi 43-year-old from Chonburi Province brought M 8-year-old in to meet Pavena seeking for justice.



Vi stated she received a phone call on 18 February 2021 stating her son fell off the building. The boy was delivered to the hospital and received an emergency surgery. He remained in the hospital for 9 days. The boy stated to his mom that he dropped a pencil and climbed onto the front of the building to get it. While he was climbing back in, another student pushed him off the building. The boy remembers exactly who this student was including the name and which room he belonged to. The boy could come home on 26 February if he took his medications on time. He must also not receive any further injury, or he might never be the same again.



The school visited the student at the hospital and gave the mother 10,000 THB as help. The Principle came to see her again and offered 10,000 THB in exchange for ending all the problems. Vi has denied and will not accept the money until her son is better. Vi wants the teachers at school to spend more time with the students, as with proper care the situation would not have happened. The mother is now unemployed because she must take care of her son. The family is living with zero daily income. Nisit promises to seek help for the boy.


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The Principle came to see her again and offered 10,000 THB to end all problems.


Source: Sanook