Drivers license test available Sat – Sun beginning this february.

The Thai drivers license will be available to take on saturdays and sundays beginning in february of this year. There will be a total of 13 groups that will be able to take the test on sat and sun, the first group begins on February 9 and 10.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The Department of Land Transport will be joining hands with PTT group, Bridgestone Sales, Wiriya Prakanpai (an insurance company), and Honda Automobiles to train drivers on Saturdays and Sundays on Thai driving laws. There will be no fee for the training along with a special exemption for those who pass the drivers license test.


There will be a drivers training day on Saturday, here drivers will learn the legal regulations and rules on Thai roads, including manners on the road, how to read the driving signs, and different techniques to take for avoiding possible accidents. The drivers will then take an E-exam on a machine that will evaluate their skills and knowledge in order to make sure that the drivers are well aware of the law before they enter the road.




On sundays, the drivers will be able to enter the drivings test. Here they will participate in certain skills that will require them to drive and perform different parking techniques. The driving field used in the exam will be designed as same as the specifications applied in the normal drivers license driving field.


The driver will need to be over 18 years old, bring your ID, or in case of a foriener your passport and an international drivers license you’ve had before, along with a health certification from a hospital no more than 1 month old. This program begins in Bangkok, drivers interested in participating can submit an application at the Department of Land Transport on Jatujak road.


FB Caption: This means that there can be no more excuses for taking your workday off to take the drivers license!


Source: Sanook