Grandma dies crossing the road

A TRAGIC accident occurred in eastern Sa Kaeo province yesterday (Jan. 20) with an elderly woman crossing the road at a zebra crossing being killed by a speeding pickup truck driven by a young man, INN News reported today.

A Facebook user by the name of Aram Maibok shared a video clip showing the grandmother hobbling to the zebra crossing in front of Sa Kaeo Hospital to get across the road.

Just as she was doing so a pickup truck driven at high speed by the young man came in view and hit the elderly woman, sending her body flying across the road.

Aram then said in the video clip that the elderly grandmother later died, and he offered his sincere condolences to her relatives.


Top: An image from the video clip showing the elderly woman’s body lying on road with the pickup truck that hit her parked nearby. Photo: INN News