Drunk Ferrari driver is back again with a knife to his throat.

The foreigner that previously made it to the media after he drove his Ferrari into a Girl’s car from behind and started to attack her is back again with another case. He held a knife to his own throat for over 7 hours, the officers finally persuaded him to stop holding the knife after he got tired of resisting.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


In the previous case that took place on 23 September 2019, the foreigner drove into a girl’s car in Khon Kaen Province. He seemed drunk or under the influence of something when he came out of the car. He started beating the girl while telling her that he is the richest person in Khon Kaen. The girl came out and posted on her personal Facebook page stating “This is to warn others of the dangerous man named Wesly. I parked my car and was venting to my friend about some life problems. This man parked behind my car, at first I didn’t think anything of it as he had on loud music. Then when I was about to leave he drove straight into my car from behind. He came out of his car and started yelling at us, then he started attacking us. Thankfully employees of a restaurant nearby came running to help us. While waiting almost an hour for the police the man kept on yelling and trying to beat us again. I tried to take a long video, but he threw my phone on the ground. He drives an orange Ferrari registered in Khon Kaen.”. In the end, the suspects family ended up paying 18,000 THB to the victim.


In the latest case on 29 September 2019, The Ban Ped Police were notified of a foreign man acting out holding a knife to his own throat in front of Kum Hai Church of Christ in Ban Ped Sub-district, Khon Kaen City. When the police arrived, the people in the area reported that he had been holding the knife for at least  3 hours.




The police and the local rescue team were on standby, finally after 4 hours trying to calm him down. The man started to feel tired, this is when the officers ran in and took the knife away from him. The rescue team has delivered him to Sikarin Hospital for further medical care.


FB Caption: The foreign man was holding a knife to his own throat for 3 hours before the police arrived in front of the Kum Hai Church of Christ.


Source: Ejan, Sanook