Uproar over boys allegedly beating elderly man to death

GOING viral on the Thai social media is an allegation by a Facebook user that a group of boys beat an elderly man to death at a village in Nakhon Ratchasima, or Korat, but police said they have not received any report of such a crime, Sanook.com and INN News reported today (July 26, 2018).

The Facebook user, Ake Srisuwan, shared photos of the elderly man lying dead and said the incident occurred at a village within Nakorn Ratchasima Municipality.

In her post Ake said: “They are so small yet they kill, what has happened to our Thai society? The elderly man was mentally retarded and this gang of boys stole something from the market, and upon seeing them do so, he scolded them which annoyed the boys.

“From the next day onward the boys started beating up the elderly man until he was bruised inside out, some days he bled heavily, but the other day the boys used 3 sticks to beat him up while he was sleeping.

“One round was not enough, they came and beat him up again a second time, which later led to him dying.

“Autopsy reveals that he died of cerebral bleeding plus bleeding inside out elsewhere on the body, which led to this death.

“Then they dared to go tell their friends in school that they are not afraid of anything anymore, they have already killed a man.

“Please share this post for justice, free death, no one comes out to take responsibility for this elderly man who liked to help others.”

INN News contacted Ma Rerng and Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima police stations, which are likely in charge of the area concerned, but investigators there said they have not got a report about this incident and if there are further developments they would be in touch.


Top: A pixelated image of the elderly man lying dead at left, and one of the accused boys, with his face too pixelated, at right. Photo: INN News and Sanook.com