Drunk school bus driver drives into canal, 10 injured students.

A drunk school bus driver drove into a canal, thankfully there are no deaths but 10 students have been injured. Good citizens who were in the area ran into the canal to help bring out the students. Chaiyapret Police Station in Nonthaburi Province received notification of an accident on 6 September 2023. Police and the local rescue team went to the area right away. The canal is located behind Aksara Village. Inside the canal was a school vehicle. It is a truck that had been customized to deliver students from the Sawangarom Temple School. The vehicle was inside the canal, covered by water. The road beside the canal shows evidence of a road accident. 



Kanti Mongprani 60 years old the driver was at the accident site but could not communicate with the driver. He was clearly drunk and kept repeating the same information. There were 10 elementary students inside the vehicle and all were inside the canal. All 10 were injured and the rescue team made sure they were safe before delivering the students to the hospital. 7 students went to Bangbuathong Hospital and 3 went to Pakret 2 Hospital. Som Sanchait 60 years old a security guard for the village witnessed the accident. Som stated he saw the vehicle drive into the side of the road before it flipped around 3 times and fell into the canal. Most of the students swam out of the vehicle but some were still inside. 



Good citizens nearby saw the students swimming out and they jumped into the canal to help drag out any remaining students. The good citizens also helped the drunk driver out to safety. Officials had moved the vehicle out of the canal. The truck was moved to Chaiyapret Police Station to be used as evidence in the case. 11 persons were injured in the accident, 10 students and the driver. Luckily, there are no deaths resulting from the drunk driver. The driver will face prosecution and hopefully never return to being a school bus driver again. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Good citizens nearby jumped into the canal and helped drag out any remaining students.


Source: Khaosod