Egyptian drug dealer turned mafia arrested.

An Egyptian man has been arrested in Bangkok. The man was previously a drug dealer and turned foreign mafia in the big city. Police Lieutenant General Sompong Chingduang from Immigration Police reported the arrest of Mohamed 37-year-old from Egypt. Investigation revealed the man is connected to the sale of Narcotics and is tied to a mafia gang. The gang has been collecting money from foreigners in exchange for protection. The group claim they can provide safety to foreigners residing in Thailand and even the police cannot catch the gang or those under their protection. Foreigners pay monthly and those who deny will face threats while some have been harmed by the gang.


Credit: INN News


The mafia gang will also visit entertainment businesses in Bangkok with the goal to sell drugs to foreigners. Police checked Mohamed’s history and turns out he has overstayed in Thailand for 1,772 days. The suspect admitted to officials that he had previously been in legal trouble for selling crystal meth in 2017. Mohamed has been arrested and is waiting for prosecution. There have been similar cases in Thailand here foreigners will form gangs acting as mafia against other foreigners residing and working in Thailand. Many will fall victim believing they gain protection from the group or simply because they are afraid of trouble. Police are continuing the investigation in the case to find others connected to Mohamed and his crimes.


A similar case is Ali 24-year-old from Jordan who had been deported from the country for overstaying his Visa. Other foreigners from the Middle East would pay Ali for protection, most of his customers were remaining in Thailand illegally. Ali told people he had strong connections to people in the government and he was able to get anyone out of trouble. Ali had other connections to illegal businesses in the country. Ali told police he liked Thailand because money is easy to make while the cost of living is low. He was arrested in February of this year.


Credit: INN News


FB Caption: The Egyptian man acts as mafia towards other foreigners and sells drugs in Bangkok nightclubs.


Source: INN News