Fake bomb found at Myanmar embassy

A FAKE bomb which was had been carefully made to look just like a real one was found at the Myanmar embassy on Pan Road in Yan Nawa district today (Dec. 4), INN News reported.

Police have managed to collect some fingerprints and are hunting for the suspects. While there is no clear motive for this threat, police think the device was planted to create a scenario.

Metropolitan police in Yan Nawa district and the Explosive Ordnance Disposal unit rushed to the embassy after being alerted that a suspicious device had been found.

There they moved the fake bomb outdoors, and put a tire over it to limit the danger. It had been found in a red plastic bag at the embassy’s nationality verification office.

The fake bomb was made to look just like a real one, with an alarm clock and 2 PVC pipes plus electrical wires tied together with black tape but within there was no explosive.


Top: Police cordoned off the road outside Myanmar embassy. Photo: INN News