FB User gets Pork Tapeworm on tongue from fresh vegetables.

A FB User shared the terrifying experience online of finding Taenia Solium or more commonly known as Pork Tapeworm stuck on his tongue. The user later realized that the pork tapeworm had come from fresh vegetables that the user ate earlier. The FB user with the username “Warisa Bpt” posted the experience on the 12th of this month (July 2019).


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


Warisa explains that she has always been a very healthy girl who seriously takes care of her health. She also regularly visits the hospital for health checks just to make sure that there’s nothing to worry about. She tries to eat clean food daily with common ingredients of fresh vegetables and fruits.


One day she felt something strange on her tongue, it was a white spot on top of the pink tongue and Warisa thought that it might be a pimple. This is when she decided to call her friend who is a dermatologist and informed her friend that she had a pimple on her tongue but it was painless. Her friend advised Warisa to get the spot removed by a specialist or take some medication but it could take a while for the spot to go away.


Warisa chose to get some medication, 6 days past by and the spot was still there. Luckily, Warisa had to meet a customer at a hospital on the 7th day so she decided she might as well go see a doctor. The doctor cut the white spot and realized it wasn’t a pimple or a tumor, so they decided to send a sample of the white spot to the lab.


Credit: Sanook
Credit: Sanook


The results finally arrived a week after, turns out the white spot is cysticercosis which is a baby tapeworm larva. This news surprised Warisa as she never ate raw pork. The doctor estimates that it probably came from fresh vegetables. Pork tapeworms can also come with fresh vegetables from restaurants that don’t properly wash the vegetables before serving it to the customers.


Warisa likes to eat fresh vegetables that come with papaya salad and grilled fish. This is a good reminder to make sure that the restaurant washes your vegetables before serving it in a dish. Warisa decided right away to remove the rest of the cyst.


FB Caption: The results from the lab showed that the white spot is a cyst with pork tapeworm larvae inside called Cysticercosis.


Source: Sanook, Facebook User: Warisa Bpt