Firefighter injured while putting out fire at townhouse.

A firefighter fell from the 2nd floor while putting out fire at a townhouse in Kanchanaburi Province. Police Lieutenant Colonel Bunsak Tipna from the Kanchanaburi City Police Station received notification of a fire in Ban Nua Sub-district in the main city of the province on 8 March 2021. Officials from the local Pitak Kan rescue team along with firefighters and firetrucks went to the location. They arrived to find the first floor in flames, the fire had already started spreading to the 2nd floor. Officials started to control the fire along with spraying nearby buildings to protect from the fire. Officers had a hard time as the electricity did not cut out and there were constant sparks inside the house.



An officer attempted to climb onto the roof from the balcony on the 2nd floor to find another way for the water to enter. While he was climbing the 3-meter wall, the balcony fell, and he dropped directly onto the ground below. Other officers helped make sure he was safe before delivering the firefighter to a nearby hospital. Thanakorn 57-year-old is a firefighter trainer at the Kanchanaburi Municipal Office. Even though he knew all the safety precautions one must take while firefighting, the teacher had his mind on putting the fire out and to save others.



The team were finally able to control the flames almost 1 hour after arriving at the home. Police have started an investigation into finding the real cause of the fire. Officials currently believe that it is an electrical fire that took down the home. Anusak 62-year-old the homeowner stated that right before the fire his son was resting on the 2nd floor when he heard a loud electrical shock sound coming from the 1st floor. The son immediately went downstairs and saw the fire that started to consume the home. The boy climbed outside and notified officials of the fire. Thanks to Thanakorn and the team, Anusak’s family and residents of the village are now safe.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: While saving others, Thanakorn forgot to worry about his own safety.


Source: Khaosod