Foreign Ministry can’t confirm whether Yingluck got asylum

THE Foreign Ministry said this morning (Oct. 6) it could not confirm whether runaway former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra has already got asylum and is rushing to revoke her Thai passport, INN News reported.

Ms Busadee Santipithak, a Foreign Ministry spokesperson, told INN News that the ministry could not confirm whether Ms Yingluck has already got basic certification in applying for asylum in UK or that she is planning to set up a government-in-exile.

She added that giving rights and issuing travel documents is within the jurisdiction of each individual country.

However the Foreign Ministry has started working on revoking Ms  Yingluck’s passport after getting a letter from the Royal Thai Police. This could not be done immediately because ministerial regulations had to be followed but it will be done as soon as possible, she added.

Meanwhile Amnart Chotichai, director-general of prosecution for foreign affairs, said police investigators have clues where Ms Yingluck is currently hiding and they match what the media has reported but he has not got an order to seek her extradiction as yet because investigators have to clearly state the motive, the charges against Ms Yingluck whether they are political, military or related to corruption, the verdict handed down and what the truth is.

He added that the extradition treaty between Thailand and UK signed around 1911 is still valid till this day and opens the way to ask for extradtion if both countries have common laws. UK’s laws do focus on corruption and negligence because all countries have laws against corruption.


Top: Ms Yingluck before her escape towards the end of August this year. Photo: INN News