Foreign Ministry: No request to revoke Yingluck’s passport

THE Thai Foreign Ministry said today (Sept. 14) that it cannot revoke former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s passport because no government agency has requested that it be done and the ministry cannot do so own its own, Thai News Agency said.

Mrs Makwadi Sumithaema, deputy director-general of the Foreign Ministry’s information department, said the Foreign Ministry has not received any information as to where Ms Yingluck is and where revoking her passport is concerned, it cannot do so on its own immediately.

Even though Ms Yingluck faces a court-issued arrest warrant the ministry cannot cancel her passport because according to the regulations a legal agency has to send a letter asking that this done and only then would the ministry consider doing so.

 “The Foreign Ministry has not received a request from a concerned agency because government and law enforcement agencies are still ascertaining the facts and trying to find her.

“They are also following up on the status of the case because this case has not ended with the court to pass its verdict in this rice-pledging case on September 27.

“I want to underscore that Foreign Ministry is following the ministerial procedures as done in the past and not selectively acting regardless of what the case may be,” she said.


Top: Mrs Makwadi Sumithaema addressing the press today. Photo: Thai News Agency