Foreigner in death plunge still unidentified

THE foreign man who fell to his death at Thaniya Road in Silom on Tuesday night remains unidentified but there is no evidence of him being harmed with all his injuries being from the fall, Matichon newspaper quoted Bang Rak police as saying today (May 10).

Pol. Capt. Nathipong Sida, deputy investigation inspector at Bang Rak police station, said there was no evidence or papers on the deceased to indicate who he was and what was his nationality and no relatives have come forth to claim his body for funeral service.

However the police have sent his fingerprints and DNA details to all embassies and the Interpol so as to trace his relatives.

CCTV footage showed that the deceased had gone to a convenience store in Silom area at around 11 p.m. to buy two bottles of Spy alcoholic drink after which he walked for 20 minutes to reach the building on Thaniya Road.

Once there he dodged the security guard and took the lift to the 29th floor rooftop which is an open helipad area.

Police found one of the two bottles there intact but the other one was broken with shards scattered around.

They also found a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 smartphone on the rooftop but as it was raining it had got wet but the officers have now put it in a bucket of rice so that they could later switch it on and reach his relatives.


Top: The front of the building where the unidentified foreign man plunged to his death on Tuesday night. Photo: Thai  News Agency



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