Former employee harassed by Frenchman’s wife.

Back in 2019, there was news about a Frenchman accused of locking his workers in dog cages. The wife and Frenchman denied all accusations while most of the talking was done by the Thai wife. The couple takes care of an animal shelter in Buriram Province with over 200 dogs. The wife is back and is now accused of harassing a former employee. The Thai wife was seen shouting in front of a resort before attacking the resort owner on 4 June 2020. The owner of the resort has the incident captured on security footage and has filed a report with the Ban Kruat Police. Officials have called the wife in on 2 charges including trespassing and slander.


Credit: Khaosod


On 8 June 2020, a former employee came out to the public revealing more information on her former employer. Miss A 25 years old used to work at the animal shelter stated that the husband and wife locked the employees in a dog cage as punishment. Some were slapped and treated badly. 15 employees went to file a report with the police but they never took the case any further. The story then went viral nationwide as seen last year. Although the employees have chosen to let go of the issue, the couple might’ve misunderstood and thought that the employees were planning to sue the couple.


As a result, the former employee has seen the wife driving around her home several times. As the wife might be afraid of Miss A exposing any more details on the shelter and the couple. Miss A has temporarily moved to friends and relatives home from fear of being harmed. Furthermore, a relative of the wife asked her neighbor whether they knew where Miss A went. The relative also left a message with the neighbor, stating to tell Miss A that if the neighbor saw the former employee, call her so she could go drag Miss A’s neck. The neighbor recorded the conversation. Miss A went to file a report with the Ban Kruat Police in fear for her own safety. She is still too afraid to return home to this day. 

FB Caption: The foreigner and his Thai wife made headlines last year when they were accused of locking workers in a dog cage.


Source: Khaosod