Former GI found dead in Khon Kaen home

THE body of a former American GI who died 3 days earlier was found at his home in northeastern Khon Kaen city last night with police investigating the cause of his death even though he had been suffering from some illnesses, INN News reported this morning (Oct 12, 2018).

Neighbors called police in after getting a strong smell from the building rented by Mr Jean-Marc Robert, 66, and when they got there they found him dead on his ground floor bed with a sheet covering his body.

Mr Sanga Buakong, vice president Khon Kaen Community Hospital, said this man was a former GI who rented this building to live in 7 years ago with a Thai woman coming to leave him here together with his personal belongings, but she was not seen again after that.


Normally people saw him walking around the community everyday, but they had not seen him for the past 2 to 3 days and last night when they got the strong smell, they called the police.

Police said officials are performing an autopsy to determine the cause of death because the deceased had been suffering from some ailments, including Hernia. Medicine from a famous hospital was also found at his home.

However police are not ruling out any other possible cause of death and investigation is continuing.


The building where former GI Jean-Marc Robert’s body was found last night, above, and his passport, in set . Photos: INN News