French restaurateur dies in Koh Samui collision

A FRENCHMAN who operated many French restaurants on Koh Samui died in a motorcycle collision last evening soon after settling a deal to buy out a German restaurant, the Thai-language daily Khao Sod reported this morning (Feb. 14).

Pol. Capt. Suphit Chorphaka, deputy inspector for investigation at Koh Samui station, rushed to the scene of the accident on the island’s Thaveerat Phakdi  road where he found Mr Olivier Aunay, 54, lying dead in the middle of the road and nearby was his overturned black motorcycle.

Standing close by in a state of shock next to a blue motorcycle was Mr Pongphop Phinphath, 30.

Upon being questioned Phongphob told police that he was zipping across to the other side of the road when suddenly the deceased Frenchman whizzed up and abruptly braked, sending him flying off the motorbike and falling face down near the rear foot rest, which left him seriously injured and he was breathing heavily before dying.

Aunay’s friend told police that the deceased had opened many French restaurants on Koh Samui, and had just settled a deal to buy a German restaurant at a law office on the island and was on his way back when he died in this accident.

His friend added that he had just called to say that he was taking a shortcut back and was not coming by the regular route.

Police and rescuers sent Aunay’s body for an autopsy before proceeding with other legal steps.


Top: The site of the accident where French restaurateur Olivier Aunay died with his passport photo inset. Photo: Khao Sod.