Frenchman lost in the forest now found.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Mokara Srisakunpisur and related officials from the tourist police along with over 200 locals in Doi Tao District, Chiang Mai Province helped search for the man. The search covered over 10 trails searching for Chark Mosiso 72 years old from France who went missing in the Doi Tao Forest on 24 February 2022. The Chiang Mai tourist police received notification from relatives that the man left home in his personal vehicle and went missing. Relatives could not contact the man. 



Officials received information and started a search to find the man. His phone was last used in Doi Tao District. The local village chief was contacted and locals joined to help search for the missing person. The search started in the evening and continued until dark with the help of an infrared drone. When morning arrived Chark was found inside an abandoned temple on a mountain in Doi Tao. The pathway to the temple is very hard to get through and is not normally visited. It takes about 1 hour to walk to the temple from the nearest road. Chark was extremely fatigued, the team delivered him to a hospital and he is now safe. 



Chark came to Thailand and fell in love with a Thai woman. He has stayed in Hang Dong District for over 10years now. On the date of the incident, Chark visited the French Embassy to complete some documents and on his way back home he forgot the way back due to Alzheimer’s. He continued driving over 100 kilometers and arrived at the Doi Tao Forest. The truck ran out of fuel and his phone battery died. Chark left the vehicle to find help but got lost on the way. When his wife met Chark at the hospital they embraced each other with happiness and relief. 



FB Caption: Chark has Alzheimer’s and forgot his way back home and decided to continue driving until he arrived at the forest. 


Source: Khaosod