Friendly banter between Prayut and Yingluck

ALTHOUGH the two of them are miles apart, this did not stop an exchange of friendly banter between Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha and former prime minister Yingluck Shinawater, reported today (August 21, 2018).

It all started when Gen Prayut visited southern Ranong province yesterday where he met a harbor official whose name is also Yingluck.

He told the second Yingluck that hers is a good and melodic name, and the important thing is that a person with this same name used to be the prime minister, and then told her to do everything right.

Yingluck then tweeted the following via her Yingluck Shinawatra @PouYingluck Twitter account:  “I heard the Prime Minister visited Ranong province and met someone with the name Yingluck, and told the person with the name Yingluck to do what is right, so I am now asking the former Army Chief, ‘you still remember this name?’”


Top: Prime Minister Prayut  Chan-o-cha and former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Photo: