Girl drives Big Bike on highway, brakes barrier gate.

A girl drove her big bike on the highway and broke a barrier gate. She is now facing 2 charges along with having to pay 10,000 THB to replace the barrier gate. A video was shared online showing the girl driving on the highway and running into the gate. Officials faced the girl and an argument started. The girl started pushing the police along with shouting at the officers. Police Lieutenant Colonel Kulawat Trinakorn reported at 13.00 on 20 January 2021 that on the 19th police received notification of a woman driving a Honda Big Bike on the highway. She entered the highway and drove into a barrier gate.


This resulted in a bent gate but she didn’t stop her vehicle and continued driving. Officials were able to stop her as she arrived in Chonburi Province. An argument started and other witnesses recorded the incident nearby. Police revealed the girl claims she drove onto the highway as recommended by the GPS she was using at the time. She was driving from Bangkok into Chonburi and was lost when she entered the highway. When asked if she knew it was a highway the driver admitted yes. The girl claims it was not her intention to drive on the highway and she tried to find an exit but was faced with police in Chonburi.


The girl faces 2 charges with a 500 THB fine for each charge. The charges are related to driving dangerously causing damage to traffic goods and violating traffic laws. As for the damaged barrier gate on the Burapha Withi Expressway, she will have to take responsibility by paying for the replacement of the gate estimated to be about 10,000 THB. Officials will not be pressing charges against the girl after she pushed and shouted at them on the highway. Police wish to remind road users that it is not legal to drive a motorbike or a big bike on the highway for the safety of fellow drivers.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The girl drove into the barrier gate on Burapha Withi Expressway and claims the GPS is to blame.


Source: Khaosod