Teacher shames student online.

A Thai teacher has shamed a student online after they received low test scores, the teacher posted the tests on her personal Instagram and stated “Don’t forget to eat breakfast or you’ll become stupid”. The teacher took pictures of the test papers and uploaded them with captions typed onto the pictures. The student who was shamed received 2 out of 10 points. While many try to fight cyberbullying with positive campaigns, a teacher who is supposed to be a role model shames a student online, if actions like this continue, then when will bully culture finally end?


Netizens did some digging and found out this is not the first teacher at the same school to shame a student online. A science teacher did the same thing before and uploaded student’s test papers. The test also received 2 out of 10 points, the teacher captioned her post “Don’t say the test is hard, but say I am stupid 2/2 – 2/3″. The issue was taken to twitter where netizens were all offered in their opinions. Then a Twitter user tweeted the following on the drama, it is not confirmed whether this is the teacher who shamed the student. “Can I give some information, When I taught the classroom I covered topic A and informed the students this topic would come out in the test. When the test was coming up I gave them test guides both printed and through Facebook. I made the test covering topic A, but the student was not able to answer the questions. I’m trying to be optimistic and thought he didn’t have time to study my subject because those who did study aced the test.


I’m wrong and I’m sorry. Now I am trying to find new ways of teaching that will make it more interesting for students. I am watching my actions every day and truly sorry for shaming the student. I admit that the student didn’t understand what I taught the first time. So I repeated the topic through different teaching techniques and I believe if he studied then he would understand the topic even more. I summarised the information which made it much easier to understand. But I have to admit that I must not be good enough, I am sorry”.


Credit: Sanook


Most netizens state that no matter the story behind the drama, a teacher should never call a student “stupid”. While some netizens advise the teacher to calm down and not put her emotions on students. What do you think about the issue? How would you advise the teacher and the student?


FB Caption: “Don’t forget to eat breakfast or you’ll become stupid”


Source: Sanook