Gold, cash stolen from reporter’s checked bag

A REPORTER lodged a police complaint after gold and cash were stolen from a bag he checked on a famous airline’s flight from Koh  Samui to Suvarnabhumi Airport yesterday (Jan. 25) and investigators are checking CCTV footage to catch the thief, INN News reported.

Facebook user by the name of Phuri Phatara, a reporter with Thai Rath TV, posted images of his bag  from which the gold and cash were stolen and wrote that he traveled by air from Samui Airport to Suvarnabhumi Airport at 7.45 am yesterday (Jan.25), but upon arrival his bag took an unusually long time to unload, while fellow passengers had all got their bags and left.

Half an hour later officials invited him to wait in a lounge, and it was another half hour that they brought him his bag.

Phuri Phatara wrote that he already knew that something was wrong as there have been many reports of air luggage theft, so he opened his bag in front of the airline officials and baggage handlers.

theft (2)

He found that the bag had been searched and half baht weight in gold plus 5,000 baht cash kept in an envelope stolen. However, the thief did not spot another sum of money, which belonged to the company, that  he had kept in another part of the bag.

Pol. Col. Chutrakul Yodmanee, head of Suvarnabhumi Airport police, has ordered investigators to check all CCTV footage to spot anything unusual during loading and unloading of luggage on this flight. Baggage handlers have also been questioned, and the airline told to take responsibility.


Top: The red pouch and envelope from which the gold and cash were stolen. Photo: INN News

In-text: Phuri Phatara lodging a complaint with the police: INN News