Good citizens save kidnapped 8-year-old.

Good citizens save an 8-year-old boy who went missing, turns out the boy was kidnapped. The good citizen quickly notified officials of the sighting and successfully arrested the kidnapper. This story is a reminder for parents to always keep an eye on their children. After the kidnapper was arrested the truth came out and the 8-year-old was forced to beg for money. Jirayu 8-years-old went to an annual festival with his grandmother for free rice in Samut Prakan Province on 20 October 2023. This is where he went missing. The Mirror Foundation received information about the boy and went to where the boy went missing to investigate.



The granny had Jirayu and 4 other grandchildren with her at the festival. The main goal of the day was to get free rice for the family. They came to the festival via public transportation and arrived at 7 a.m. While waiting in line for free rice at around 10 a.m., the grandmother noticed Jirayu was not near her. It was a very busy festival and the granny lost sight of Jirayu twice. During the first time, a security guard found the boy and kept him safe while waiting for the parent. Then Jirayu went missing again and the granny went to a security checkpoint to ask if they saw Jirayu. Good citizens in the festival stated they saw Jirayu walking outside of the festival with an older man. They believed this man also came to get free food from the festival.



The Mirror Foundation Team tried to look for clues in security footage but the festival tents covered most of the view. On 23 October 2023, a good citizen notified officials that they spotted Jirayu walking with an older man who appeared to be homeless. The pair was near a convenient store in Bangkok but they had already jumped on a bus out of the area. The Mirror Foundation Team went to the area right away and reviewed the security footage. This confirmed it was the missing child with the kidnapper. The child has been rescued and the kidnapper had been arrested. The good citizen in Patcharaporn Romalee who works as a food vendor in Wat Bangpliyai Temple. She recognized the boy from the missing persons announcements. The boy was forced to beg for money and Patcharaporn decided to take action by pulling the boy in. History reveals the kidnapper had done this previously with another 9-year-old boy.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Multiple good citizens had a part in saving the boy’s life.

Credit: Khaosod