Good deed turned into nightmare causing chain reaction car accident.

A vehicle parked for an elderly person to cross the road turned into nightmare when it caused a chain reaction road accident. The 4 vehicles behind could not break in time and this resulted in a death. This is a very sad story as the delivery motorbike driver simply acted in good faith but the car behind him drove directly into the motorbike. A bus then ran into the car and a motorbike following ran into it. The motorbike went under the bus which resulted in the death. Police Captain Tawat Yangyuen from the Nonthaburi Province received notification of a road accident in the main city of Nonthaburi. The local rescue team was notified and police went to the location on 15 August 2022. 



At the incident, police found a black MG car, a motorbike, and bus no.65. The car was rear-ended with a broken window. It was also a red license car meaning that it was recently purchased. Behind the bus was the body of a 50-year-old man from Bangkok. The motorbike was laying on the road. The car driver stated he was driving as usual when the delivery driver suddenly stopped for an elderly person to cross the road. The delivery driver had drove away and never returned to the incident. The bus that was following also could not stop in time and drove into the car. 



The deceased person was driving a motorbike and drove into bus no.65. Following was bus no. 117 that couldn’t stop in time and crushed the deceased. What is sad in this story is the delivery driver had good intentions in stopping his vehicle, but he didn’t look behind to see if there were other vehicles close behind and then drove away from the incident. This is a good example of why Thailand should incorporate more road crossing lights to increase road safety. There are crossing bridges but these can be very hard for the elderly and disabled persons to use. 



FB Caption: The delivery driver stopped his car for an elderly person to cross the road but didn’t check if there were any cars following behind. 


Source: This is a 5-vehicle collision resulting in one dead.