Good neighbour saves home from fire.

A good neighbour stepped in to help put out a fire, without her fast thinking the home would have burned down. The story was shared by TikTok user “bowjirawan46” showing the video of a man putting out a fire. Bow stated her family decided to eat dinner outside of their home on the day of the incident. She noticed a fire had started inside the home across from her. Bow stated, “Thankfully we stopped the fire in time, I’m sure there would be nothing left by now. This happened so close to me and is the first time I have seen a home fire in person. I didn’t know what to do”. Even though Bow states she didn’t know what to do, Bow’s family quickly stepped in and saved her neighbours home.



Not every person would do this as they may be afraid of trespassing and would choose to call the local authorities instead. But because of how the fire was spreading, it may have been too late by the time firefighters could make it to the scene. The video was a recording from Bow’s security cameras. The family can be seen carrying food outside to prepare for dinner. Then they spotted the fire coming out from the neighbours front door. Bow ran to another home next to her and asked them for help. Together the 2 families dragged their garden hose to put the fire out.



The good neighbours tried to yell inside but no one was home. They then contacted the owner of the village to notify the owner of the fire. The neighbours continued to fight the fire until it was finally gone. The door and parts of the home were damaged but it is nothing compared to what would’ve happened if the neighbours did not step in. It was later confirmed that the fire started inside before spreading to the door. bow states “They were lucky I decided to have dinner outside and that we spotted the fire fast. I am happy I asked more neighbours to help. If I had dinner inside as usual the fire would have taken the whole home”.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Neighbours all stepped in to help put out the fire. Without the good neighbours the home could have burned down.

Credit: Khaosod