Suspect steals router from hospital for gas money to see GF.

Man steals router from hospital for gas money to go see his girlfriend. The router is connected to an X-ray machine and his actions resulted in patients not being able to get examined as planed. The incident took place at Plai Phraya Hospital in Krabi Province. The suspect revealed he wanted to visit his girlfriend in Phuket and did not have money for gas. He also claims that he didn’t know the machine was important or else he wouldn’t have stole it. The item is a Wi-Fi router connected to an X-ray machine. Patients were left waiting as the machine was no longer working. 



The incident took place during the night on 22 May 2022. After the incident Doctor Nattapong Duknam the Principle of Plai Phraya Hospital announced a 10,000 THB reward for anyone who could give information leading to the arrest of the suspect. Plai Phraya Police arrested Tawat 41 years old from Surat Thani Province on the 25th. They also found evidence including a router and a red motorcycle with no license plate that was used to commit the crime. The suspect was taken to the police station and has admitted to stealing the router. He was arrested in Surat Thani. Tawat admitted that he wanted to visit his girlfriend who lived in Phuket Province. He had about 100 THB and was afraid this was not enough for gas. He then stopped at the hospital and went inside to steal something. 



Tawat walked out with the router with the goal to sell it. He tried to sell the router to a shop but they wouldn’t buy it off him. Tawat desperately asked to borrow 300 THB for gas and promised to pay it back later. He continued on the journey and spent a night with his girlfriend in Phuket. He then drove back home with the router and was later arrested. The suspect states “I apologize to the patients and their relatives that needed to use the X-ray machine. I stole the router that connected the X-ray machine online. I didn’t know it was important, I only thought it was used for normal Wi-Fi. I wouldn’t have taken it if I knew”. 



FB Caption: Tawat was desperate for gas money to go see his girlfriend in Phuket. 


Source: Khaosod