Good Taxi returned 55k to tourist passenger.

Thai Taxis are famous for not accepting passengers and asking for a higher price for the ride rather using the meter installed in the car. In this case, this is not the issue and is an incident that has helped bring hope to the Taxi community of Thailand.




Yesterday, on the 10th of December FM91 which is a radio channel for Emergency News and Traffic Reports reported that a taxi driver named Sangwal Srikummee from Roi Et Province came to the Police in order to return a bag left behind by a Chinese passenger. After looking in the bag, the police at the FM station found that there was over 50k worth of cash inside the bag.


Sangwal Srikummee the taxi driver is 46 years old, he from Roi Et Province and drives a pink taxi with the license plate of 5948 Bangkok. He stated that on the 9th of December he picked up two Chinese tourists, one was male and the other was female. They got on his taxi at about 6 – 7 pm from Sukhumvit and their destination was Baiyoke tower.


After Sangwal dropped the two Chinese tourists off at Baiyoke tower there were two other tourist passengers that came in the taxi right away. They were both females, he then asked where they wanted to go but had trouble communicating, both of the female passengers than jumped off of his taxi as he didn’t understand where they were heading.


He then drove onto Makkasan road and went to do some private business. As he was returning to his car he spotted a blue bag laying on the back seat of the taxi. Sangwal then picked the bag up and took a look inside. He saw that there were important documents inside with a white envelope, inside the envelope was a lot of cash in foreign currencies.



Credit: Khaosod

Credit: Khaosod


Sangwal stated that when he saw the pile of cash he became very excited and didn’t know what to do. But, he realized right away that he needed to do what he could to return it to the rightful owners. He then contacted his friend and asked what he should do, his friend informed him of the FM station 91 where there will be police ready to accept his case and to help him find the real owner of the bag. He then proceeded to call FM 91 right away and then brought the bag to the officers.


After inspecting the bag, the officers at the FM91 station stated that there was approximately 55,000 THB of cash in the bag. This consists of many currencies including Chinese money, Korean money, USA money, European money, and Hong Kong money. Where there was a passport in the bag with the name Ms.Sun-jing.


Later, Mr.Cheong Poh Lim who is a Chinese businessman came to the station to retrieve the bag. He stated that he is extremely happy to have found his bag. He comes to Thailand often because of work reasons. He often forgets his bags on public transportations in Thailand and other countries, where this is his first time ever that the bag has been returned to him. He is extremely proud and thankful for Sangwals honesty of returning the bag to the true owner.


FB Caption: The owner of the bag is extremely proud and thankful for the taxi drivers good deed of returning the bag to the true owner.

Source: Khaosod