GrabBike driver badly bashed up in Sukhumvit area

A GrabBike motorcycle taxi driver who is still recuperating in a hospital after being badly beaten up in Sukhumvit area by a group at an illegal stand where the drivers were not wearing jackets vows to taken action against his attackers, reported this morning (Oct 5, 2018).

He told Amarin TV that he was on his way to pick up a passenger when he ran into this illegal stand. The motorcyclists there attacked him, and told him to delete a video recording of their having done so, if not they would trash him till he collapsed.

A team of Amarin TV reporters went to the area of the attack in Sukhumvit soi 33, but all except one of the motorcyclists at the stand there said they were not involved and did not see anything.

The one who did see the incident said he saw the group who were not wearing jackets brawling but did not know how it ended because he had to go drop a passenger.

The team of reporters then went to a motorcycle stand in  Sukhumvit 22, and while they too denied harming the GrabTaxi driver, they had some strong words on this issue.

“If you don’t follow the rules, it turns out this way, don’t poach other people’s customers, don’t trespass other territory. Why don’t you follow the law? Whether the stand is in the right or wrong, it always gets blamed first.

“To resolve this problem, go to the source not come to the tail end. That he was attacked was appropriate, may be someone has to die first before it is resolved, have to stamp to death first,” one of them said.


Top: The GrabBike driver recovering at the hospital. Photo: