Thai massage workers get warning about Qatar

THE Department of Employment today (Nov. 11) warned massage workers to beware of being tricked to work in Qatar because some employers there have refused to pay Thai workers, INN News reported.

Mr Anurak Thosrat, acting head of the Labor Ministry’s Department of Employment, said  his department has been alerted by the Royal Thai Embassy in Doha that Thais are now using Qatar’s relaxed immigration regulations to go work in massage shops (disguised sex service) there.

However while they do not get their work contracts approved by either the embassy or the department when they face problems of their employers not paying wages they turn to the embassy to help them return home.

The embassy cannot help these workers because Qatar has a law that foreign workers have to obtain their employer’s consent before leaving the country.

For the reason massage workers should not be fooled by agents that they will get a high wage working there, he added.


Top: Qatar capital city Doha at night. Photo: Sebastien Wiertz (CC-BY-2.0)