Granny loses life saving’s to security guard neighbor.

A granny has lost all of her life savings amounting to about 600,000 THB to a security guard. The granny has known this security guard for over 10 years. He switched her ATM card and left 1 THB in her account. Sujin Puenpa 80 years old went to file a report at the Rayong City Police Station on 13 May 2022. The granny wanted to press charges against Surachart Wongjan a security guard who works at a local company. The man had used her card to withdraw 610,000 THB, this was all the money she had saved throughout her life. 



Sujin stated while in tears that only 1.24 THB remains in her account. She was confident that Surachart is the person who took her money. About 2 months ago she asked Surachart to help withdraw her 20,000 THB. She gave the security guard her card and he returned it along with the cash. Surachart had switched cards and she didn’t realize until it was too late. A neighbor had help take her to an ATM. Sujin tried to withdraw money from her own account but the machine informed her that the password was wrong. The granny then grabbed her bankbook and headed to the bank. An employee updated her bank book and informed her there is only 1 THB left in the account. 



She didn’t believe this information and the employee asked to see her card. This is when they discovered the card belonged to Surachart and not Sujin. This is the same man who withdrew money from her account as an act of kindness. Sujin has known the man for over 10 years as he lives next door. Surachart reveals he has withdrawn money for her many times. The security guard has quit his job and moved away 2 months ago. Before moving, Sujin gave him 8,000 THB to help. Sujin states “How could you do this to me, please feel sorry for me and return the money. This is the last of my money after selling my land. I wanted to use the money to build my final home, what money will I use now”. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The security guard helped the granny withdraw money then switched the cards. 


Source: Khaosod