Son scatters 300K of mother’s cash in market.

A son withdrew 300,000 THB from his mother’s bank account without permission and scatters the money to strangers in a market. The mother later stated she is not angry and does not wish to press charges even though the son is not her biological child. Somwang 70 years old from Buriram Province went to file a report at tthe Satuek Police Station after Wuttisak 39 years old stole 2 ATM cards and withdrew 300,000 THB. The son then scattered part of the cash in the Satuek Fresh Market. He also purchased items before handing it out to locals in the area. The incident took place around 3 AM on 7 May 2022. 



Somwang asks police to help trace her money back. Officials have informed Wuttisak of charges relating to theft on 10 May along with questioning the son for information to use in the case. Wuttisak admitted he stole the ATM cards and used it many times withdrawing 10,000-20,000 THB per time. Together he took out about 300,000 THB. He then spread the cash all over a market and purchased items to give away. Wuttisak states this is a good dead for his dad who has passed away. He also admits using some of the money for personal use. He didn’t realize that this was illegal. 



Somwang stated the son usually steals 1,000-2,000 THB per time regularly but it isn’t much money and she has always ignored it. She decided to report the latest incident as she hoped police could help trace the money back. But she does not want police to prosecute her son. Wuttisak has been with her since he was 1-month old. The mother and son live together and the husband has passed away. So far only one person who picked up some money returned it, 2,900 THB. Sellers in the market stated there were 100,500,and 1,000 THB bills scattered all over the market. People who walked by picked up the money because they didn’t know where it came from. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: Somwang is not angry and does not wish to press charges even though Wuttisak is not her biological son. 


Source: Sanook