Groom carries disabled bride to register marriage

GOING viral on the Thai social media is this photo of a 22-year-old man carrying his fiancée to register their marriage in southern Trang province yesterday afternoon with the groom promising to take good care of his disabled bride, Thai News Agency said today (Sept. 8).

Thai netizens are delighted at this tale of true love between Pornthep Chanyam and Phetmanee Chanyam who both work at Rua Rasada Hotel and fell in love there.

Capture two

However on August 17 the bride was desolate because not only had she lost a leg after being hit by a pickup truck while riding her motorcycle alone to work, she was afraid she had lost her beau Pornthep.

To her surprise Pornthep showed up a few days after she left the hospital and carried her to register their marriage and the couple also intend to have a religious ceremony later.


Top: Pornthep carrying his bride to register their marriage at Trang City Hall yesterday. Photo: Thai News Agency

Inset: Porthep bandaging his wife’s leg. Photo: Thai News Agency