Hacker arrested, government website affected.

A hacker has been arrested in Chiang Rai Province. This hacker is responsible for the hacking of hundreds of websites, including government websites. His main goal is to hack into websites and post links to online gambling websites. The man was arrested before he could escape out of the country. Police Lieutenant General Thiti Sangsawang gave orders to related officials to arrest Warakorn 22 years old in Chiang Rai Province on 2 November 2023. Police investigation revealed that they have been inspecting online advertisement services for illegal activity including online gambling ads. When found, their signal will be blocked and the advertisement shut down immediately.



This has affected some government websites because hackers will choose no longer active or left unmonitored websites. These websites are hacked and used as links to online gambling websites or other links connected to illegal activity. When persons look for government websites through search engines they are directed to these illegal websites instead. This gives the impression that government sectors are connected to these activities. Over 100 government-related websites have been affected by these hackers. On 29 October 2023, police found one hacker responsible for a big part of these hackings.



The suspect also opens bank accounts for those who look after the online gambling websites. Warakorn was arrested at his home right before he was about to leave on his escape to the border. The suspect has been delivered to the Ratburana Police Station waiting for prosecution. The investigation to these hackers will continue to find others responsible and connected to the hackings. The hackers also connect illegal links to search engine results using specialized knowledge. Officials also advise netizens to notify the police if they notice strange details on government websites or if their own websites are hacked.


Credit: Khaosod

FB Caption: Over 100 government websites have been hacked.

Credit: Khaosod