12 minors arrested after Bombing a village.

12 minors have been arrested after bombing a village. This group of minors has been acting like a gang hoping to build a name for themselves. Villagers are all tired and have had enough of their actions. The police have called in the parents for a talk and the minors will all face charges as consequences of their actions. A Facebook page named “Nang Rong Ban Eng” posted a video of the group online throwing dozens of small bombs onto the road. There were also sounds of glass breaking and metal hitting the ground. The group could be heard challenging the locals in the video. The incident took place on 2 November 2023 just before midnight.



The video went viral online and some netizens stated the police should step in as this same group has been doing this for a while now. Police Major General Thakun Nantisri gave orders to related officials to arrest the suspects as their actions are direct threats to locals in the area. The affected villagers feel unsafe and fear for their valuable goods. Buriram police arrested 12 suspects aged 14-17 years old. There are all male and were arrested with 6 motorbikes and 2 knives. All of their parents have been called in to help find a solution to the violence. Most of the parents had no idea their children were out bombing the roads at night or even that they were a part of the bad group.



The Nang Rong Police were given orders to find those in the video along with any other persons involved in their actions. All police in Buriram province are working hard to make sure the message is clear to minors and adults who want to disturb the peace of the locals. These minors believed they wanted to be heard and were seeking excitement. Through their actions, they wanted to seem cool and be known. The minors are facing charges related to causing excessive noise and causing fear to the people, carrying a weapon in public, not having a license plate on their motorbikes, driving without a license, and more.


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The minors were throwing small bombs and other items onto the road during nighttime.

Credit: Khaosod