Chiang Mai suddenly heavily flooded last night

NORTHERN Chiang Mai province continues to be lashed by torrential rain this morning (May 2) after last night’s hour long driving rain led to many communities being heavily flooded, Thai News Agency reported.

The floodwater in San Sai district is as high as a meter in some areas, especially near Mae Jo University, and at Hlin Mern community in Pa Phai subdistrict, with small vehicles unable to pass and a key road temporarily closed.

Several shops, restaurants and hostels in Hlin Mern area suddenly got flooded with residents unable to flee the rising water fast enough to save their belongings.

The flood victims had to go and stay with relatives and friends, while district officials rushed to drain out the floodwater.

flood Chiang Mai

The flooding was also heavy at Sahakorn community in  Nong Han subdistrict where a wide area as well as the road leading to the community is under water.

Chiang Mai residents said this is the first time in 50 years that this northern province has been hit by this heavy flooding and many of them had never experienced this level of inundation before.


Top, in-text and below: Parts of Chiang Mai suddenly got flooded in the middle of last night. Photos: Thai News Agency

Flood Chiang Mai (1)

Flood Chiang Mai (2)