Handsome Homeless goes viral, reunited with family.

A Win motorbike driver in Bangkok shared a video of a handsome homeless man online. The video went viral and the man is now reunited with his father along with receiving medical care. The driver works in the Asok area in Bangkok City and is owner of account @Chaiyootkasron on TikTok. He came across a homeless man and thought the man was handsome so he decided to record a video of the man and share it online. The homeless man was nicknamed “Pra-ek” which means movie star in Thai. This is not the first time this driver has posted similar videos, he regularly posts videos of the homeless online in hopes of helping them reunite with family or receive the help they need. 



The homeless man often talks with the win motorbike drivers in the area and the video was captioned “He looks like a Chinese movie star” posted on 10 February 2022. After the video was posted the homeless man continued visiting the win motorbike station. There would be times when he would be gone for a few days but then he didn’t visit for a month. The driver reveals the man usually washed his clothes at a local gas station. In conversations, he would sometimes make sense and sometimes would not. The video went viral and the family contacted the account on TikTok. The driver talked to the family and confirmed this was the same person. The family sent pictures of a man named Pond who looked exactly like the homeless man. 



The father traveled to Bangkok from their hometown in Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province. The father and son hugged as they meet each other in Bangkok. The family wanted to reunite with the man and have plans to bring him home. The man is now at the Srithanya Hospital. This is the biggest psychiatric hospital in Thailand. Pond will be staying at the hospital for 2 weeks. Doctors report that there are high chances that he will return to normal. Then he will travel home and finally be with his family. The motorbike driver has good hopes of reuniting more families and helping those in need. 


Credit: Sanook


FB Caption: The account owner regularly uploads videos of the homeless in hopes of helping them reunite with their families. 


Source: Sanook