Indian man falls from 6th floor after row with Thai women

AN Indian man holidaying in Pattaya with a group of friends fell from his 6th floor hotel room last night after a row over money with a group of 5 Thai girls they had picked up from Walking Street, reported today (August 24, 2018).

Pol Capt Suthin Bamrungchit, deputy crime suppression inspector at Pattaya station, rushed to the scene together with rescuers at 11 p.m. where they found Mr Charles Mahimai Mohan, 39, from India, in serious condition after falling from the 6th floor and hitting a tree before crashing on the ground.

He was quickly given first aid and then rushed to Pattaya Memorial Hospital.

Upon questioning the badly injured man’s Indian friends through a translator, police found out that this group of tourists had picked up a group of 5 Thai women from Walking Street and brought them back to the hotel.

One of his friends who saw what happened said just before he fell, the 5 women tried to forcefully take money for their service from him, this scared him and backed off and then slipped and fell off the balcony.

Pattaya police have questioned the 5 Thai women in detail but they deny all charges, saying the tourist fell on his own.

However police do not believe them and have detained both the women and the tourists for further questioning.

Once the tourist, who is under close care of the doctors, recovers he too will be questioned.


Top: The injured Indian tourist lying on the ground after falling from the 6th floor. Photo: