Info via “14Days Application” required from passengers at Chiang Mai International Airport

The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) would like to inform travellers planning trips by air to Chiang Mai that, starting today 12 May, 2020, all passengers at Chiang Mai International Airport are required to provide their personal information via the official “14Days Application” Line account.

Passengers can complete their information prior to arriving at the airport and notify their purpose of entry into Chiang Mai. Upon arrival, passengers are to “check-in” and present the QR code to the officers at the screening point, and report to the local communicable disease control officers.

While in Chiang Mai, all visitors are to share/update their location each time they leave their accommodation/residence, or otherwise share their location once a day.

The visitors must check out from the app when leaving Chiang Mai, and if they wish to return they must redo all the steps.

Upon downloading the official account, users can select the language (Thai or English), and will receive an important message, which reads:

“In order to raise the standard of effective surveillance for prevention and control of the spread of COVID-19, the Governor of Chiang Mai Province together with the decision of the Committee of Communicable Disease of Chiang Mai Province issuing the 10th Announcement of Chiang Mai Province No. 10/2020 regarding the screening of passengers who arrive in Chiang Mai Province, please complete your information in the following sections and comply with the instructions. The personal information is based on the personal information protection policy. We shall not disclose personal information to any third party. Thank you for your cooperation. Committee of Communicable Disease of Chiang Mai Province.”


Below is the QR code for the“14Days Application” and the steps. TAT Newsroom will provide the infographic in English as soon as it becomes available.



Source: Tourism Authority of Thailand

12 MAY 2020