Isaan star in hot water for skipping Europe concerts

A CONCERT promoter filed charges again top Isaan singer and composer Kong Huayrai for not appearing at arranged concerts in some European countries, Thai News Agency reported today (April 27).

Mrs Aree Melby, a promoter of concerts in Europe and her team plus a lawyer, went to file charges against the star who composed and sang the smash hit song “Sai Wa Si Bo Thim Kan” at Bang  Chan police station.

She told police that Kong had failed to live up to a contract to appear in 6 concerts in Germany, Denmark and  Finland during March 10 and April 8 this year despite his fee, air fare and accommodation having been paid for.


Mrs Aree added that the star did not say why he did not show up nor did he inform them in advance that he was not going to do so.

This led to many million baht loss and ruined her business reputation, she added, while submitting a copy of the contract and evidence of money transfer to the police

Mrs Aree also said that if Kong wanted to clear this matter he would now have to talk to her lawyer because she had given him a lot of chance to do so since March 30.


Top: Kong Huayrai performing at a concert in Thailand. Photo:

In-text:  Mrs Aree talking to the press after filing charges against the big Isaan star. Photo: Thai News Agency