Jail takes action after young accused killer’s video goes viral

THE three young women accused of killing and mutilating the body of a karaoke bar girl are back in the limelight after a video clip of one of them went viral online prompting Khon Kaen jail to take action, INN News said today (July 23).

The jail installed barbed wire around the fence and put up signs at various points forbidding relatives and other visitors from taking photos and videos.

Khon Kaen jail sign

Ms Praphasiri, 34, the older sister of Priyanuch Nonwangchai or Preaw, 24, one of three suspects accused of killing and chopping up the body of Warisara Klinjui or Em in Khon Kaen recently with the other two being Kawita Rachada or Earn and Apiwan Satayabundit or Jae, took photos and a video clip of her and posted it on Facebook  as well as sharing them in other ways with this drawing a lot of criticism.

Dr Mathurada Suwawnaphou, director child and adolescent mental health at Rajanagarindra Institute, recently warned that the huge interest in three suspects has in a reverse way led to the public starting to like the three women with this being due to the special coverage this case is getting and the news spreading so fast on social media.

Sarawut Boonchanlong, a prison administration officer, said after these images started spreading a high-level commander said it was not appropriate for this to have happened which led to the jail’s commander issuing an order forbidding relatives and other visitors from taking such photos and videos.

Ms Praphasiri admitted that she had done this but mentioned that the video clip was not very long and she only shot it for fun and did not think it would have a big impact.  She added that she has deleted the clip and promised not to do so again.


Top: The three suspects as Myanmar authorities handed them over to their Thai counterparts in Chiang Rai recently. Photo: Thai News Agency

First inset: The sign put up at Khon Kaen jail strictly forbidding the taking of pictures and videos within the facility. Photo: INN News




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