Landlord finds 50 cats and a 30K THB power bill in her home.

A landlord returned home and found over 50 cats and a 30,000 THB power bill left behind. The costs to repair the home will cost at least 100,000 THB. The landlord revealed this was originally her first home with her husband. She decided to rent it out but now realizes it was a mistake, because the tenant is one from hell. The owner was notified that there would be cats but no one expected the tenant would bring in this many. The whole house is now damaged including the floors and the walls. Waii Suwapat the home owner sent in a story to Khaosod News Team on 11 February 2022. She had previously posted a short video on Tiktok showing the remains of what was her home. 


Credit: Khaosod


The tenant had been living inside with over 50 cats. The video went viral shortly after it was posted with millions of views. Waii stated she purchased this home 2 years ago as her first home after marriage. Plans changed and they moved into a different home so she placed it for rent. The home was rented out with furniture and pets were allowed. At first, the tenant stated she had cats but Waii had no idea how many cats. The agreement was that cats were allowed but not onto the second floor where the floor is made from laminate wood. Cat waste could damage the flooring. The tenant promised to keep the cats inside one specific room downstairs. Not long after the neighbors started having issues with the smell coming from the home. So the tenant stated she moved the cats to the back of the house. 



Waii visited the home after the first year and found 20 cats. At the time the furniture still looked alright so she left it alone. She finally decided to let the tenant go after not paying the rent and utilities for 3-4 months. Because of the neighbor complaints, the air conditioner was left on all the time and the power bill is now at over 30,000 THB. Waii visited the home and was shocked. All the furniture and appliances were broken. This included the TV, sofa, cabinets, and more. The washer and fridge can be fixed. Waii and her husband do not want to press charges but hope the tenant will pay the due rent. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The tenant stated she would have cats, but no one expected this many. 


Source: Khaosod