Latest lottery winners in Thailand 30 and 12 Million THB.

The latest Thai government lottery draw brought great luck to many. In this story, we will look at 3 big winners with 30 Million THB and 12 Million in winnings. The first winner is extremely lucky as this is his first time ever buying lottery tickets and they turned out to win him 30 Million THB. The latest lottery draw in Thailand is on 16 October 2022 and the winning ticket number is 613106 with a prize of 6 Million THB per ticket. The story was shared by the Facebook page “Prakan city news V2” in Thai. The winner is seen holding the tickets with his ID card standing beside a police officer. The winner won 5 winning tickets prized at 30 Million THB. 



After realizing his big win, a report was filed with the police. The post captioned “A Samut Prakan resident purchased lottery tickets for the first time in his life and won 5 winning first prize tickets. He will be getting 30 Million THB. A report was filed with the Samut Prakan Police, congratulations”. The next winner is also receiving 30 Million THB. Facebook user named “Jiraporn Panyadipwong” posted in “Maeprik City” group congratulating the new millionaire. The post stated “Congrats to the new millionaire who purchased the tickets from a seller in Supsopa market. This is not the first time someone has won after purchasing from this lottery seller.



This is 5 winning tickets bringing in 30 Million THB”. The winner is from Maeprik District, Lampang Province. Ananpong Jantaraj the village chief of Mae Chiang Rai Village in the district revealed the winner had just returned from working abroad. His name is B and is about 40 years old. The next winner comes in with 12 Million THB and resides in Udon Thani Province. The winner chooses to remain silent and has closed her doors to all visitors after realizing of the win. The Khaosod News team went to the home, but neighbors reveal she will not open her door to anyone. The winner has expressed to keep silent and does not want to be on the news. 



Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: After realizing the big win, the winner has decided to keep private.

Source: Khaosod