Live streaming of woman jumping into the river

A YOUNG woman live streamed her death plunge into Chao Phraya river from Rama VIII Bridge and as of around noon today (Dec. 2) her body has yet to be found, INN News reported.

The streaming took place at approximately 2 am this morning with the woman appearing to be drunk and drank some more alcohol before climbing onto the rail and jumping into the river.

After her suicide patrol police from Baworn Mongkol station went to check the site and found a bottle of alcohol, mobile phone, ID card which states that her name is Miss Nittaya, 18, and that she is from southern Ranong province, as well as other belonging placed there.

Police said the river currents are fierce today and rescuers have not been able to dive in and search for her.

Investigation revealed that this woman was very sad and crying throughout, and that she hailed a motorcycle taxi in Lad Phrao area to bring her to this bridge.

Upon reaching the bridge, she offered 500 baht more to the motorbike taxi driver to videotape and stream live her being there, but during the streaming she climbed up and stood on the rail,  then jumped into the river.


Top: An image from a video clip showing the moment the woman jumped into the river. Photo: INN News