Man abandons motorbike to save child on the road.

A food delivery driver abandons his motorbike to save a child that ran into the road. The driver later reveals he is proud of the decision. Khaosod News Team talked to Peerapong Chumpoldee 32 years old on 6 March 2023. The man was recorded on a security camera showing him abandoning his motorbike and running across the road toward a child. He ran without worrying about his own life with the goal to save a child. Peerapong stated he was working as usual and went to pick up an order at a village in Pathum Thani Province. 



While leaving the village there were a lot of cars and he couldn’t cross the road right away. He heard a village security guard yelling and turned toward the voice. This is when he noticed a child running across the street. He jumped off his motorbike and ran to the child as a car was coming right towards the child. The hero stated he couldn’t grab the child in time but luckily the car driver stopped before hitting them. He carried the child to safety away from moving vehicles. The child noticed another security guard crossing the road after buying some food. This is the child of the village gardener and knows the security guards. The parents thanked Peerapong for saving their child’s life. 



Peerapong’s motorbike has minimal damage that will be easy to repair. The hero explained what happened to the restaurant which remade the order without extra charge. When asked about his feelings about the incident, Peerapong has no regrets. He is proud of his sudden decision to try and save the child. He is also thankful for netizens that applaud him for making the right decision. Peerapong revealed he stayed awake all night to read the comments. His girlfriend cried all day after hearing what happened because if the car didn’t stop in time, both he and the child would have met a very dangerous fate.  


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: Peerapong jumped off his bike and ran to grab the child without hesitation. 


Source: Khaosod