Teacher shocked after visiting a student’s home.

A teacher was shocked by what she saw when visiting a student’s home. She decided to give him a visit after he didn’t come to school for months. The teacher arrived at a shed and spotted the boy sleeping on a pole. She started crying after realizing his living conditions. The story was shared by TikTok user “namwan.2424” who is a teacher in Mukdahan Province. The teacher revealed this student has missed school since new years. She wanted to know why and went to visit him at home. The student regularly does not come to school but this time he didn’t come for months. She wanted to make sure he was safe. 



Namwan talked to another teacher and together they wanted to find out his reason for missing school. They arrived at the school and the student was sleeping on a pole. She started crying when he opened his eyes. The boy lives in the shed with his parents and 2 siblings. The mother has a condition that affects her mental ability to communicate. Their main source of income is from their father and eldest brother who carry dirt in the market. While talking to the boy, the mother brought some food for the boy. This was a small bag of papaya salad and rice. The mother didn’t talk to the teachers as she could not communicate. 



Namwan feels deeply for the student as he has always been well-behaved. His reason for missing school is due to an injury on his foot. He stepped on a construction nail and could not walk properly. The student has returned back to school and has fully recovered. Namwan promises to help the child by supporting him as best as she can. She is also working on finding a solution to help support his education for a better life in the future. The shed that the family is living in has no door and the roof is ready to fall down at any moment. 


Credit: Khaosod


FB Caption: The family of 5 live inside a tiny shed with no door or walls.  


Source: Khaosod